Whether you set up online or in store, Wedding List Co
is about making the process fun and easy.
STEP 1 - Setting up your list
STEP 2 - Letting your guests know
STEP 3 - Managing your list
STEP 4 - Receiving your gifts
STEP 5 - Enjoy the benefits long after the big day
  • STEP 1 - Setting up your list
  • This is your wedding, your show. That‘s why our website has been designed to put you in the driving seat. Set up and make changes to your list whenever you want. Wherever you want. Add new gifts. Change your mind (even after the big day). It‘s up to you.
  • It‘s a good idea to have your registry set up at least three months before your wedding and a month before sending your invitations so that you have the details if you‘d like to print them. Otherwise we can provide you with complimentary insert cards that look like this. Don‘t worry, the cards are very smart and discreet and on a beautiful quality stock.
  • You can set up your list online or come into one of our Minimax stores for a tailored consultation. Don't live close to one of our stores? Contact us to arrange a Skype consult. Either way, your dedicated Concierge will be on hand to guide you through the whole process.
  • Super busy, web savvy, or don‘t live near one of our stores? Then simply set up your details and immediately start choosing from over 5,000 products in the Gift Range.
  • From the comfort of your coach you and your fiancé can peruse and choose gifts to suit both your styles. It‘s your time to convince them, that you really do need a KitchenAid for all that baking you‘ll do once you‘re married...Even better, choose new bed linen and matching cushions from your laptop or ipad while in bed. Its online shopping, but you‘re not doing the spending. 
  • If you live near one of the Minimax stores it‘s definitely worth booking in for a consultation.
  • The difference between a cocotte and marmitout? Who knows and frankly, who has the time to find out. Time to call in the experts.
  • Of course, not everyone lives near a showroom (in fact, many of our couples are based outside of Australia), so our unique telephone consultation service has been designed for this purpose. For over the phone assistance call 1300 441 109