Making your registry easy...

With 10,000 gifts, 1,000's of happy couples, 300 brands (many of them unique to us) and 4 stores across Australia, we are Australia's leading bridal registry specialist.

Service Wedding List Co Department Stores Wishing Well
Couple Charges No gift registry charges, our service and advice are free! Charges may apply to the contribution registry. No gift registry charges but limited service. Do not offer contribution registry. Most charge a fee of 8-12% of your guest contributions. Check their fine print conditions, ouch!
Guest Charges $7.95 metro Syd & Melb.
$10.95 metro Brisbane
$12.95 elsewhere
Offers may apply
Myer charge $12.95
David Jones $15
All charge a fee to your guests. Be careful as many do not advertise the fee upfront. It can only be found by your guest when purchasing. Fees range from $7.00 - $9.50 per order plus credit card charges.
Picking Your Gifts Your WLC consultant is a trained gift expert who gives you advice on everything from whether the plates will fit in your dishwasher to how many gifts you need for your number of guests. What's more - they write it all down while you sip free bubbly! Better yet - it takes no more than 2 hours - timed to perfection for those men who really hate to shop! You are left to wander, writing down the multi-digit barcodes of everything you choose. In each new department you need to find someone new to help you (if they aren't already serving a customer). The size of the store means it generally takes about 6-8 hours or two separate visits to complete the list. Very few men go the distance so most lists are finished by the bride alone. You have to set up individual products and add pictures and descriptions yourself. It may sounds fun but we guarantee this will be laborious and look less professional for your guests.
Changes to Your List When you select our Flexible Delivery option, you can make changes to your list at any time. This allows you to swap double up gifts and complete unpurchased sets before closing. Be careful, some stores don't allow any changes from what you have been purchased. With others you have to physically bring back the gifts and swap them in store after your delivery, and again, the exchanges are limited. Changes made online.
Gift Options Not only household gifts but honeymoon and experience vouchers - because so many of you are already so set up at home these days. No honeymoon vouchers and limited experience vouchers. Cash registry only. Many guests find the concept of giving cash distasteful and prefer to give a tangible gift.
Someone to Help You have direct access to your account manager. She is contactable via her direct phone number and e-mail 5 days a week and will be your only contact right through to delivery of your gifts. No - your calls are answered by whoever is working that day. Limited email support only.
Online Convenience You can log into your account at any time (from the office or the comfort of your PJs), add and remove gifts to your hearts content, and see who purchased you what to get a start on your thank you cards! No. If you want to make any changes you have to go back into store and write them all down again. Limited online support, no consultant to help you.
Setting Up Yes. If you don't live near one of our 4 showrooms across 4 States or overseas, you can set up and pick all your gifts online. No online facility.  You have to set up individual products and add pictures and descriptions yourself. It may sounds fun but  we guarantee this will be laborious and look less professional for your guests.
Changes After Your Wedding You can add and remove gifts prior to your delivery. Very handy if you haven't been purchased the whole dinner set, or you feel you didn't really need another decanter after all. Take it from us, this happens more often than you think. Take you gifts back to the store to complete your set or to swap things around. Conditions vary store to store and most limit the number of returns to 3 or 4. No requirement for changing any gifts as wishing wells are dummy lists of 'fake' gifts.
Delivery Occurs on a Saturday in a 3 hour window. Lets face it - with all the time you've taken off for the wedding, your boss is not going to be that cool about you having to stay home one day for your gifts to be delivered! Monday to Friday - AM or PM. Wishing wells do not deliver gifts.
Brands With over 300 brands, 10,000 gifts and with 20-30 dinner sets on display per store there is plenty to choose from. They have plenty of home ware gifts but WLC has niche gift brands plus experiences and honeymoon options that give you the widest possible choice. Wishing wells do not offer physical gifts for sale.
Notification Cards Free and we will send these to you anywhere in Australia Yes, free Some charge $35 for the cards, others do not offer cards at all.
Sale Prices We have over 500 gifts at reduced prices at any time. All other gifts are at the RRP. Check their prices as some stores claim to have gifts on sale when they are actually normal RRP. Wishing wells do not offer physical gifts for sale.
Guest Facilities
Purchasing Online Yes. Guests can view your list, view great colour photos (and enlarge them) and then buy online. They can even convert into their local currency if overseas. They can also see a personalised message from you at the top. No. Be careful when they tell you it is 'online' - by this they mean the guest can see it - but they can't actually purchase from it. They still need to call or fax to make the purchase. No fun if your friend is in the UK! Online only


Yes. We will also fax or post a list to any guest who requests it anywhere in Australia or the world.

Yes. Will only fax or post to guests in other states. If they live in the same state they make them come to the store! Generally no telephone support.

Purchasing In Store

Yes - 4 national showrooms so your older guests or friends can come in and see the gift before they decide. Yes No. Many guests prefer to visit a store. Wishing wells do not provide this option as they have no showrooms or retailer affiliations.