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Signature 3ply Preserving Pan by Le Creuset


The 3-ply Stainless Steel Preserving Pan, from Le Creuset, will help you to enjoy the delights of making your own homemade jam, marmalade,chutney and pickles to serve at home or to give as a unique gift to friends and family.
The special 3-layer construction of the pan, a core of aluminium between two layers of premium quality stainless steel,means it heats efficiently and evenly all the way from the base to the rim - avoiding hot spots.
We have also added some helpful touches such as capacity markings for easy measuring, a drip-free all-round pouring rim and two sturdy side handles for easy lifting when full.
With its large 9-litre capacity, the Preserving Pan is also perfect for cooking for parties or to batch-cook recipes before freezing such as ratatouille,chilli or curry or for making Cassoulet, homemade soup or stock. An ideal accessory to use with the Preserving Pan is the Le Creuset stainless steel Splatter Guard.