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Roomba Braavai Robot 380T Floor Mopping Robot Black by Roomba


Say goodbye to dirty floors with the iRobot Braava 380T Robotic Floor Mopper. Hands-free and fully automatic, this robotic vacuum takes the work out of maintaining a spotless floor.

  • Featuring different modes, the iRobot Braava 380T can pick up dust, dirt and hair, as well as clean deep dirt and grime
  • The NorthStar Navigation System allows the iRobot Braava to keep track of where it has cleaned and where it needs to clean next Removable magnetic cleaning pad enables the iRobot Braava to utilise both disposable and reusable cleaning cloths
  • The iRobot Braava 380T can clean in different hard floor surfaces such as hardwood, laminate, tile, and vinyl
  • Smart sensors keep the iRobot Braava away from stairs, area rugs, carpets, and raised transitions
  • What's in the Box: 1 x iRobot Braava 380t Floor Mopping Robot, 1 x 2000 mAh NiMH Rechargeable Battery, 1 x NorthStar Navigation Cube, Channel 4, 1 x Microfiber Mopping Cloth, 1 Microfiber Damp Mopping Cloth, 1 x Multi-Purpose Cleaning Pad, 1 x Pro-Clean Reservoir Pad, 1 x Turbo Charge Cradle