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Marseille Blue Rectangular Grill 32.5x22 by Le Creuset


Excellent for lower fat cooking, Le Creuset grills recreate the delicious seared flavour of sizzled meat and browned fish at home and give the strength and durability needed for the intense heat a grill produces.
All that you need for :

  • SEALING quickly, with a minimum of fat, pieces of meat perfectly sealed outside and deliciously juicy inside.
  • GRILLING poultry, fish, sardines just like old–fashioned cooking over a wood fire.
  • MARKING vegetables, brochettes, fruits.
  • GRATINATING grilled food with Parmesan cheese under the grill.
  • SERVING your grilled food at the table with a sizzle.
    Suitable for all hobs ceramic, halogen, induction, gas, oilwood