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Jade Money Tree in Small White Watering Can by Green Thumb Gifts


This is the authentic Jade Money Tree plant. With leaves that look like coins this little beauty is said to bring prosperity to its owner! When the plant becomes too big for the watering can it can be put into a larger pot or the garden and the watering can used to water it.
Approximate gift size (including plant) - 25cm long x 20cm high x 11cm wide
This gift includes:
Jade Money Tree plant Small white watering can - exclusive to Green Thumb Gifts Green Thumb 'Care For Me' Instructions (they still need water) Signature Green Thumb Gifts delivery box
Because Green Thumb Gifts need to be delivered quickly door to door, the Bride & Groom will receive a voucher instead of the actual plant or flower, for them to then place their order when they are ready to receive it (for fear it would otherwise arrive when the couple are on their honeymoon!)
Note: Green Thumb Gifts currently cannot be delivered to WA.