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Food Plus Beer Great Food To Eat With Beer by The Book Co


FOOD Plus BEER HAPPINESS. From prolific cookbook author Ross Dobson a man who really knows his beer comes this collection of over 80 relaxed, authentic, international dishes. These flavour-packed recipes have been chosen for their particular suitability for enjoying with a cold one. Writing in his inimitable expert and wryly entertaining style, Ross begins with a brief history of beer, its place in the culinary world, and its intriguing importance in the society and geography of our civilisation. Every recipe in the book includes a suggestion for the most perfect malted brew to serve alongside. And scattered throughout are special features on Ross's favourite beers from around the globe. Ross Dobson is a prolific cookbook author with 14 books to his name, including the publications Chinatown, Three Ways With, Fired Up, Grillhouse, More Fired Up, Fired Up Vegetarian and the compilation King of the Grill . In his non-writing time he is kept busy as the chef owner of two western Sydney restaurants, The Union tapas bar and The Vincent Diner.