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Diamond Plus Induction Pan 28cm by Woll


Robotic and computerized nano technology application process guarantees no cracking, blistering, bubbling or peeling of the diamond reinforced cooking surface.
WOLL's use of advanced hand casting technology eliminates stress and warping.
The ultra hard cooking surface is reinforced with diamonds and possesses outstanding non-stick properties. Allows for healthy low fat cooking and easy clean up.
Oven safe up to 260° C
Metal utensil and dishwasher safe
Perfectly flat base for use on all gas, ceramic, glass and electric cook tops
Optional vented safety glass covers have stainless steel rims
Comfortable and safe ergonomic handles with cast-in brass inserts eliminates loose handle problems.
Patented ‘solid clasp’ detachable handle system, which allows the handle to be removed when the cookware is placed in the oven, allowing for a cool to touch handle when the cookware is retrieved from the oven, whilst also freeing up space in both the oven and cupboard.