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Brew Stove Top by Tom Dixon


A steel-bodied stovetop espresso-maker with a copper finish, bringing a touch of art deco refinement to the coffee ritual. Given balance and elegance by a solid base and a heat-resistant, easy-pour handle, its ideal for everyday baristas, Sunday-morning connoisseurs and after-dinner espresso aficionados alike. Sheet stainless steel, deep drawn and formed by multiple complex tools. Not dish‑washer safe. Wash in warm soapy water and dry thoroughly with a soft cloth. The handle is made from injection‑moulded reinforced nylon. The coffee maker makes 4 50ml cups of espresso. This product is then polished and copper PVD is applied to the outside. Please note finger prints and other marks will show up on this product due to its copper colouring. This is completely normal for copper products and part of there beauty! 15cm D 21cm H