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Black 7 Piece Knife Block Set with Inbuilt Sharpener by Robert Welch


The award winning Signature Knife Block Set not only includes 6 knives and a unique inbuilt knife sharpener but is also fitted with magnetic locators to ensure that blade edges are not damaged when inserting or removing knives. Fully forged from German DIN 1.4116 stainless steel, with a full tang for extra strength, Signature knives are gift boxed, have a lifetime guarantee and are dishwasher safe.
The black body of the Signature knife block is made from ABS, which is easy to clean. The knife block cap detail is made of high quality polished stainless steel and features seven individually shaped slots to match the profile of the individual knives. The full Signature knife block set includes the Signature knife block, Signature sharpening mechanism (or steel) and the following 6 Signature knives: 22cm Bread Knife, 23cm Carving Knife, 14cm Cooks Knife, 14cm Kitchen Knife, 12cm Serrated Utility Knife and 8cm Vegetable Knife.
Key design features include:

  • Fully forged and robotically engineered
  • Full tang for extra strength
  • Weighted bolster which ensures pleasing balance in the hand
  • Made from German DIN 1.4116 stainless steel & hardened to Rockwell 55-56
  • Razor sharp blade due to World Edge Geometry
  • Ergonomic handles that fit comfortably into any size or shape of hand
  • Hand finished