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Alvar Aalto Collection Vase 120 mm in Clear by iittala


iittala's special Finlandia collection compliments the style of the original vase. The very functional Finlandia vase stands distinctively taller than its muse.

Tall yet slender, the elongated silhouette of the iittala Finlandia Vase produces a beautifully slight form. Made from pure glass and mouth-blown to perfection, the Finlandia Vase is more like a work of art than an everyday vessel. Designer Alvar Aalto created objects without a final purpose in mind in order to allow Aalto vase owners to use his pieces in varied ways.

Inspired by nature, the vase was created to mimic the curving coastline of Finland. The natural beauty of its silhouette; which has remained the same since 1936. Timeless and beautiful, the iittala Aalto Finlandia vase is an heirloom that will be passed on for generations.