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ALFREDO Salt and Pepper Set by Georg Jensen


Daily rituals should make us feel good. From morning coffee to preparing a simple dinner, the little things we do put a smile on our face. When we love the things we use, we enjoy these rituals more. Made of an array of modern materials like porcelain, steel, oak, silicone and glass, each Alfredo piece is versatile and totally functional.

The materials complement one another, so that the collection is more harmonious than homogenous. Everything is designed to go together rather than match identically. These pieces add style to your routine, style that moves easily from the kitchen counter or the dining table. These are the pieces that follow you from meal to meal, chic essentials for when you’re entertaining friends or just entertaining yourself.

The Alfredo Salt and Pepper mills are crafted in stainless steel.

The grinder in both items are an “AllGrind – Ceramic Technology” – this is the highest quality and long-lasting technology of grinds.

The size of the grounds can easily be adjusted by turning the grey screw in the bottom of the mill.

Measures: 20 cm