Whether you set up online or in store, Wedding List Co
is about making the process fun and easy.


You might have to compromise on your seating plan but with your registry, you’re in control...

  • We recommend that you send our complimentary discreet Invitation Inserts with your wedding invitations. These elegant cards feature our website address and telephone number and guarantee that your guests know where your registry is and make life so much easier for them. They will appreciate not having to ring around to find out where your list is or make pot-luck guesses at what you want.
  • Over the years we’ve found that couples who do not use their Invitation Inserts do not receive as many gifts as they’d hoped. Moreover, they often end up with the same problem faced by couples who didn’t have a registry in the first place: "Oh no... not another platter!"
  • Don’t worry if you can’t decide on your dream dinnerware right away or are still ‘debating’ the patterned versus plain duvet set. You can make changes online, anytime, up until the gift is purchased (and even after if you opt for flexible delivery).
  • Use your online list manager to add, delete or change gifts. Ideal the weeks before the wedding if say everything under $50, or over $200, is gone. Just ask your friends how easy this is compared to going back into a department store.
  • As soon as guests start purchasing you’ll also be able to see what’s been bought and by whom in your Thank You Card Manager. You’ll even see their message so those of you who are super organised or going on a long honeymoon can make an immediate start on your thank you cards.
  • Now it gets fun. The big day is over but you still have the gifts (and the photos) to look forward to.
  • When you set up you have the option of a fast delivery a few weeks after the wedding known as Standard Delivery. With Standard no changes can be made to what your guests bought you. Once the big day has passed, simply login to your list, make any changes needed to complete shared gifts or use gift vouchers, and close it. Anything bought in the week or so before the wedding will be ordered and we will get your gifts to you as soon as we can.
  • If you choose our Flexible Delivery option, Wedding List Co offers you the convenience of making UNLIMITED changes to your final list before custom ordering the gifts. This means that unlike the department stores you can swap gifts around to complete sets or exchange a double up gift that is bought elsewhere without having to drive all your gifts back to the store.
  • Like to buy the rest of the cookware yourselves? Well now is the time as you receive a Completion Discount of up to 25% on any additional purchases when you close.