Why take our word for it. Read what just some of the thousands of couples that have used our wedding list had to say.


Guest of Rachel and Michael, December 2004
You'll be pleased to know that our RSVP is in the post and we've taken advantage of your wedding list. Personally, that is the easiest method for shopping for a wedding gift that I have ever experienced! You have got top marks from us!!!!

Danielle and Jerry, September 2004
Choosing our gifts at The Wedding List Company, and checking our list daily (!) to see what had been purchased, was the most enjoyable part of organising our wedding.

Cassandra and Richard, September 2004
Thank you to The Wedding List Company for such a professional service - we were impressed with everything from start to finish and LOVE all the gifts you helped us choose! As our wedding was in New Zealand, using The Wedding List Company was one of the best things we did. We had a lot of guests from overseas, so it meant they didn't have to carry a gift with them on their travels, or worry about getting one once they arrived in Auckland, and we didn't have to worry about transporting gifts back to Sydney after the wedding. Our guests thought it was such a great concept. Thank you!

Jacky and Sean, August 2004
In a world where the word ‘wedding’ has become synonymous with stress, The Wedding List Company offers a streamlined, efficient service that is without pretension but with professionalism. On a personal note, you guys have been a pleasure to deal with. There are so many people out there who hear the word ‘wedding’ and immediately think ‘cash cow’. It was so refreshing to deal with a service that is transparent, efficient and non-intimidating!!! Thanks guys

Fran and Don, August 2004
We found the Wedding List Company fantastic. Choosing the gifts was easy and enjoyable. Many of our guests commented on how great it was for them to quickly and easily choose a gift that they knew we would love. Everyone we dealt with was pleasant and professional.

Camilla and Mark, May 2004
We were living in Sydney, married in the UK, and moving to the USA! The Wedding List Company couldn’t have been more helpful, professional, and efficient, and I will always be hugely grateful for the fantastic service they gave us.

Engracia and John, May 2004
Your service made choosing our gift registry such a pleasant experience. The thought of walking through a department store for 5 hours writing down barcodes absolutely horrified me and the consultant's service just made this potential horrible experience become one of the most pleasant 'shopping' experiences I ever had.

Kim & Craig, April 2004
We have been SO impressed with your business. You had all of the services we were looking for, you had all of the registry items we wanted, and you have been incredibly sympathetic and understanding of our unique situation and always sought to make things easier for us. . . .[read the full testimonial]

Emma and Matthew, April 2004
We had a lot of stuff for our house already as we had lived together for a while. The WLC helped us to find unique and timeless gifts to add to our home. Their flexible and professional service made them a pleasure to deal with.

Nicola and Robi, March 2004
It was a quick, easy and stress free process to pop into the shop, check out the items available, look through catalogues and put together our gift list. . . .[read the full testimonial]

Edwina and John, March 2004
The Wedding List Company made doing our registry a pleasant occasion, it was an absolute breeze for us choosing from the wide range but also a breeze for our friends and family purchasing from the website.

Mandi and Ben, March 2004
Thank you! You made the process an enjoyable and stress-free experience. We love all of our gifts.

Jacinda and Adam, March 2004
We found The Wedding List Company to be extremely helpful and accommodating. We thought the service was truly exceptional.

Sam and David, February 2004
Thank you for the great job you did with our wedding list – compliments about it have been superlative and many. Thank you also for offering a brilliant service. We really appreciated the ability to choose our wedding gifts in such a lovely, stress-free environment.

Miranda and Joseph, February 2004
We found your service to be just perfect for us. Your knowledge of products and understanding and friendly demeanor made the experience stress free.

Trudie and James, February 2004
We were not looking forward to spending hours in a department store to prepare our wedding registry so it was wonderful to discover the Wedding List Company. The consultant was fantastic, we arranged the whole list in one 2 hour session. It made it a pleasant experience instead of a chore.

Donna and Daryn, January 2004
The team at The Wedding List Company deliver a style of wedding registry service beyond our imagination. When there are so many frustrating and time-consuming aspects to organising one's wedding, it was awesome to really enjoy the experience of choosing our gift registry rather than spending many weekends trawling the aisles of departmental stores hopelessly lost. The wonderful, personalised assistance and ease at which The Wedding List Company operates gains our full recommendation.

Our only suggestion... is that we'd hope for a baby shower registry one day in the future!

Emma and Luke, January 2004
A professional and personal experience that we both enjoyed from start to finish.

Fiona and Justin, January 2004
In two words 'ultimate service'. Nothing was ever a problem, and the total professionalism was the finishing touch.

Georgia and Tim, January 2004
It was great to sit down in your store and going through your enormous selection of products - and we really appreciated having a mediator too!!. . .[read the full testimonial]