Yamaha Relit Wireless Speaker in Black

Yamaha Relit Wireless Speaker in Black by  Yamaha


The living room sofa isn’t the only place to relax. Everyone has their favorite spot: By the window enjoying the evening breeze, in an secret attic room, perhaps even on the stairs.
The concept of the LSX-70 is to create a pleasant and calming atmosphere wherever you happen to be. The cylindrical LSX-70 is 9.4cm in diameter and easy to handle due to the textured synthetic leather finish. Two speakers located at the top and bottom of the unit are designed to produce 360-degree non-directional sound.
Tuning is linked to volume for perfectly balanced audio whether listening quietly on your own or with the music turned up. Take the LSX-70 and find your favorite spot.

  • Bluetooth
  • AUX input
  • LED Lighting
  • Inbuilt Battery
  • Stylish Leather Grip
  • DTA Controller App Compatible