Urban Garden Self Watering Planter

Urban Garden Self Watering Planter by  Glowpear


The Glowpear URBAN GARDEN is a modular self watering planter featuring an iconic contemporary design aesthetic. Each URBAN GARDEN planter can either stand alone or be interconnected with other Glowpear URBAN GARDEN planters.

  • Designed for growing a wide range of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers
  • Perfect for balconies, courtyards, decks, and patios
  • Stylish, contemporary, and raised for easy tending
  • Integrated self watering system to ensure plants thrive
  • Innovative low water level indicator
  • Easily connect additional planters to expand your garden
  • Built in drip tray ensures indoor and outdoor surface protection
  • Tough, hard wearing construction utilising food safe, recyclable materials BPA Free
  • 13 litre encapsulated water reservoir
  • 75cm L x 48cm W x 50cm H
  • Injection molded HDPE planter
  • Glass filled HDPE legs
  • 100% Recyclable materials
  • Food safe, BPA free
    DESIGNED IN AUSTRALIA Because Glowpear needs to be delivered door to door, the Bride & Groom will receive a voucher instead of the actual Planter to www.glowpear.com.au, for them to then place their order when they are ready to receive it (for fear it would otherwise arrive when the couple are on their honeymoon!). Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.