Megan Morton - Home Love

Megan Morton - Home Love by  The Book Co


Home Love comes to us from Megan Morton a well known decorator and interior stylist who writes a regular column for the Sydney Morning Herald/Age ‘Good Weekend. She has put together a compendium of design styles a beautifully produced interiors book that will turn the frustrations of interior decorating into moments of creative triumph.

Have you ever wondered how it is that certain rooms just come together while others seem destined never to find their theme, purpose or focus? Stylist extraordinaire Megan Morton shows you how to discover a room’s inner fabulousness by minimising its faults and maximising its assets. As a prolific interiors specialist, Megan shows you how to use colour, objects and the art of arrangement to realise a room’s aesthetic and functional potential. Megan knows the importance of budget, too. While not shying away from luxury, she is adept at makeovers that deliver plenty of effect without costing a fortune.