InnerScan BC541 Body Composition Monitor and Scale - Grey

InnerScan BC541 Body Composition Monitor and Scale - Grey by  Tanita


Anyone who is serious about improving his or her total health and fitness will love the Tanita InnerScan scales.


  • Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) Advanced Dual Frequency (ADF)
  • Transparent Electrodes


  • Visceral fats- Body fats in increments of 0.1%
  • Total body water percentage
  • Muscle mass Total weight in increments of 0.1kg


  • 150kg weight capacity
  • Adult and child mode
  • Healthy children’s body fat range (7-17years)
  • 28mm LCD readout Kilo / pound / stone switch
  • Guest mode feature
  • Weight only button
  • Recall - Displays previous weight and body fat reading
  • 2 x lithium long life batteries
  • 10-year warranty

For almost 65 years, Tanita has been, and continues to be, the world leader in precision electronic scales. In 1992 they introduced the world's first integrated body fat monitor for professional use, based on BIA technology (bioelectrical impedance analysis).

Since then Tanita was, once again, first to bring this technology to the consumer for personal use at home. Tanita's performance, innovation, and quality are trusted worldwide.