Breville The Boss To Go Plus Blender Stainless Steel

Breville The Boss To Go Plus Blender Stainless Steel by  Breville


Green Smoothies aren't always as smooth as they could be...
When it comes to leafy greens it can be a jungle out there. We all know that the healthiest of food is often made with tough ingredients. But lumpy smoothies from a lumpy cup can make things hard to swallow. With the right tools, tough can be made smooth.
Introducing the Breville Boss To Go Plus. The Super Personal Blender that uses a powerful 1000 watt motor and Breville's Kinetix blending action to blend up to 42% finer* so it makes boosting nutrition more enjoyable than ever.
The unique Smooth Edge Tumblers have no sharp external threads or notches around the tumbler rim so you get a nicer drinking experience.
Smoother smoothies from a smoother cup.

  • Durable Mill and Grind stainless steel mill
  • Heavy duty die cast base with 1000 watt motor
  • Smooth edge Tritan tumblers for a smoother drinking experience
  • Breville's unique Kinetix Blade and Bowl for up to 42% finer particle size